Biomechanics Summer Program with GWU and SNZ

We are seeking bright, engaged, and curious rising juniors and seniors to participate in three daylong introductions into bioinspired engineering through guided, mentored research projects. This is a collaborative effort between the Leftwich Lab at the George Washington University (GWU) and the Smithsonian National Zoo (SNZ).

  • Each day will be on a different topic and students can apply to participate in any (or all) of the three days that they will be available for.
  • Students will learn principles of bioinspired design, engineering research techniques, creative problem solving, data analysis, and technical communication skills.
  • The week before the program day we will provide the students with live stream links to exhibits for the animal as well as a reasonable scientific article for them to get a background on the animal we will be learning about.
  • They will then participate in a day of guided teamwork to design an experiment to answer a research question, perform data analysis and prepare technical writing / infographic on their findings.
  • Finally, they will attend a public lecture and have the opportunity to interact with a leading expert in the field of that day’s topic.

Apply here by May 17th, 2021. 

Questions?  See FAQ or email Elizabeth Gregorio at