Get Involved!

Come get involved with our exceptional students at Jackson-Reed HS.  We are always looking for members of the community, alumni, parents of students and others with experience in Health Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science to connect with. Learn about ways to share your knowledge and experience.


What Are We Looking for?

Guest Speakers.   Mentors for our senior capstone projects.  Judges for projects.  Subject experts to assist with class projects.  Companies to provide  internships, summer jobs and other opportunities for our students. And more.  Including...

Experts for Engineering Expo

Date:  December 6, 2023

What:  Kicking off Engineering Students Capstone Projects

What They Need: Feedback, advice and mentorship

Students will present their nascent projects in the Jackson-Reed atrium followed by experts providing a 3 minute capsule description of their job, their field and what they can offer students in the auditorium.  We hope to give our students guidance and hopefully match them with mentors.

Mentors for Capstone Projects


Date:  This Fall

What:  Mentors for our Senior Capstone Projects

What They Need: A willing mentor to provided advice and guidance as students embark on their capstone projects in:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Health Sciences

Guest Speakers


Date:  Ongoing

What: Academy Guest Speaker Series

  • Scheduling presentations from the community to push into classes or present at lunch

Get Involved

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our academies at Jackson-Reed.  Please fill out the form below according to your expertise and interest and Academy staff will follow up to request a planning call to touch base, plan the experience, and clarify any questions.