Health Sciences (Biomed) Updates

  • We are excited to highlight an opportunity that 10 of our health science students will attend on Dec. 3.  In partnership with the Congress of Neurological Pediatric Surgery, students will attend an all-day conference, pair up with a mentor, learn the latest research, and rub elbows with pediatric neurosurgeons.  We can’t wait to hear all about it from our young people.
  • We have an on-going partnership with GWU’s Urban Health Program. This bi-weekly series is hosted by graduate students in GWU’s Milken School of Public Health who develop and design lesson that address hot topics that are important to teens and relate to public health. Topics that have and will be covered include: mental health, health relatioships, nutrition, epidemiology.
  • We are looking forward to hosting two blood drives this year. Our first one took place on October 20th where we had over 50 donors. Our next drive is scheduled for March 21st. More info to come!