Interested in Joining an Academy for the SY 2023-24?

Happy Friday Class of 2026!
We know that scheduling for next school year is underway and we want to make sure that all of our 9th grade families are aware of the academies that students can still join as they go into their sophomore year.  Below are our academy offerings and attached is the breakdown of the course sequences.  If your students wants to join an academy please have them fill out the following link and the Academy Directors will send their names to their respective counselors to schedule.
Indicate your interest in an academy here::
NAF Stem Academies: Director, Regina
Academy of Information Technology/Computer Science:
Academy of Engineering
Academy of Health Sciences/Biomed
NAF Academies: Director, Brandon Wims;
Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
Academy of Finance
Academy of Graphic Design
Academy of AV Productions
Jackson-Reed based Academies:
WISP: Robert Geremia:
AAA: Tia Clemmons:
JROTC: Cybersecurity Program (in partnership with the FBI, one of 8 in the country!!):
What are the benefits of being in an academy?
 Taking a sequence of courses that relate to your interest
-Being in academy classes with like-minded peers
-Interview for and participate in an academy-themed internship with real industry partners
-Resume and professionalism skills development
-Guest speakers, fieldtrips, leadership positions.
If your student is currently in one of the academies above, they will automatically be scheduled for the next course in the sequence. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Academy directors if you want to confirm their next year’s academy courses.​