IT Apprenticeship with Limbic Systems

CWDC has an open IT apprenticeship starting this summer with Limbic Systems and more coming in the fall with another IT employer.
Length: 3 years  (starting this summer)
Location: 1101 17th St. NW, 2nd Floor, Washington DC (student must stay locally for college)
Student Description: Strong interest in coding/software engineering, must be on track to graduate, able to get an early release schedule during senior year
Job Overview:  The Junior Coder apprentice at Limbic Systems will perform a number of duties that focus on software and coding languages based on the needs of its clients. Among other things, the apprentice will:
● Help maintain software applications or websites using core coding languages and tools
● Coordinate with other developers to identify the goals, limits, required capabilities, performance requirements, and users for a given project.
● Modify existing software to correct errors, adapt it to new hardware, or improve its performance.
● Write, design, or edit web page content.

Application: students must complete their profile (approx 20 mins). They must then be approved by you or our team in Hiring Hub (this ensures they meet the requirements). Finally they can apply for the actual position (approx 2 mins).

Follow up with Ms. McClure if interested.