JR Student-Led Blood Drive

Student-planned Blood Drive in partnership with Inova Hospital planned for Thursday, November 9th from 9:00-3:00. Here are all the details and how you can support! Our health science academy plans two blood-drives a year to great impact and success. One pint of blood saves 3 lives. Last year, our community was able to save 333 lives based on the pints of blood donated. We want to exceed that goal this year!
Want to Donate?
-For students and family members who want to donate blood: Eligibility: At least 16 years old (students under 16 will need a consent form), at least 110 lbs, and haven’t had a new tattoo in the last 6 months.  If you are eligible, please sign up using the link below: One of our student organizers, Safya, will follow up with you on next steps and a reminder to secure your time! If our slots get filled up (fingers crossed), folks willing to donate will be added to a waitlist.
-Want to Volunteer at the Blood Drive donor recruitment table during lunch?
Until we fill up all the registration slots, we’ll be promoting this initiative during lunch in the atrium starting tomorrow, October 16th. Students if you want to sig up to support the recruitment of this effort, please fill out the link below and one of our student organizers, Angela, will follow up with you about your assigned date.

Registration Link: