Overview of the Website

Purpose: this website was designed to be the central repository of all SciMaTech information and contains three basic types of information:

  • News
  • Opportunities including internships, jobs and other programs
  • Calendar of events including deadlines for opportunities

Other Features

  • The website automatically generates a weekly email in MailChimp that is based on the latest news and opportunities.
  • Outside organizations can submit opportunities which are rerouted to the appropriate staff member before being added to the website
  • There is a table of opportunities that students can search
  • There are several admin tables to allow easy updating of the content


  • The main issue is that the website is not being used.  For example, in this week's JR email - two items that should have been on SciMaTech website - an Engineering virtual summer camp with an  application due date of this Friday and the need for STEM projects judges - were not.
  • Does the website work the way we want it to work?  What would make it easier to use?
  • How much involvement should students/staff have
  • Who is the driving force managing it all?

Proposed Future Activities

  • Identify and hand over student responsibilities to rising Seniors
  • Identify roles for Ms. Adewoye, teachers and parents for next year
  • Clearly define how the website supports SciMaTech activities from a high level. This is the entire board.
  • In detail, review of the website and develop specifications for what we want the site to be like next year - students and Ms. Mettler

Flow of Information

Home Page Layout