Robotics’ Progress through the Pandemic

“The Build Captain of Wilson’s robotics team trekked to the robotics lab earlier this year and gathered every material and spare piece that club sponsor Angela Benjamin would let her take.

The Wilson senior Wyatt McCrary then distributed the materials to team members so that they could individually build separate pieces of a robot. A few weeks later, she picked up the newly constructed parts and brought them back to her house. Tasked with assembling the parts into one functioning robot, she realized, “Woah… this going to be difficult.”

The members of the team are used to working collaboratively in their lab, preparing for huge competitions with dozens of teams and robots. A year ago, all that was thrown out the window…”

-Emily Mulderig (Features Editor)

-Photo Courtesy of Samuel Taubman


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Hardwired for success: robotics team continues to compete during pandemic