SciMaTech End of Year Celebration – Picnic

Hello Wilson SciMaTech students and families,

Join us: 6/23 – 1:00pm  SciMaTech Picnic @ Fort Reno


We are so proud of everyone in the academy for making it through such a trying school year! In fact, the pathways of SciMaTech were able to flourish and accomplish more than ever:

  • the Computer Science pathway expanded to provide five different student-run clubs and increased overall student enrollment department-wide

  • the Environmental Science pathway enjoyed its first year and adopted a 500-ft segment of Soapstone Creek through Rock Creek Conservancy

  • the Engineering and Architecture pathway continued to inspire this year with their brilliant EDD capstones as well as the Robotics Team’s resilience amidst pandemic impediments

  • The BioMed Pathway was able to create amazing capstones despite COVID-19 complications. In addition, their mentorship program saw continued success this year, allowing students to further grow and develop their interest in Health and Science.


To celebrate all of these accomplishments as well as the retirement of the Academy head, founder, and heart, Angela Benjamin, we will be holding a celebratory picnic.

Picnic Details:

  • Date: June 23rd
  • Location: Fort Reno
  • Time:  1:00 pm.
  • Bring your own food, and come enjoy fried fish and cupcakes.


Huge thanks to the SciMaTech Parent Board who helped plan this picnic and have been instrumental in many of the pathway achievements this year!

Be sure to come!