Style Guide


  • The NAF national logo is a key component to the organization’s
    visual identity. Reproduction of the logo must always be completed
    using approved electronic art. Photocopies or scanned versions
    of the logo must not be used nor should attempts to recreate or
    mimic the logo be considered.
  • All logos are located in the press kit on the press room section
  • This logo should be used for all national initiatives, partnerships,
    and conferences materials.
  • The following guidelines should be adhered to when using the
    national logo. This guide will provide additional versions of the
    national logo to include academy theme and high school:
    • The logo should be printed in color using the gradient
    whenever possible.
    • The logo with the tagline “Be Future Ready” printed on two lines
    should be used whenever possible.
    • When the two-line tagline logo does not fit the need, the one-line
    tagline logo is preferred.
    • If there is a size restriction, use the logo without the tagline.
    • The logo should never be sized smaller than .5 inches in height.


Gradient Guidelines

Extended Color Palette


  • NAF’s logo tagline font is DIN Medium Italic,
    and the logo should always use this font. If you
    need to customize the academy theme and high
    school logo and do not have this font, please
  • For copy, DIN regular should be used in size 11.
    If DIN is unavailable, the recommended font is
    Tahoma at font size 11. Italics should only be
    used for brief emphasis on a link or within a
    sentence, never full paragraphs.
  • For headings, DIN Bold should be used in size
    14, with subheadings using DIN Medium Italic in
    size 12. If DIN is unavailable, headings should be
    Tahoma Bold at font size 14 and subheadings
    should be Tahoma at font size 12.
  • Using a font that is both legible and consistent
    in all materials (emails, memos, etc) will help
    create an association in the mind of recipients.
    Whenever they see material in said font, they
    will connect it to our organization.