Summer IT Dual Enrollment and Internship Program

The IT Dual Enrollment and Internship Program application for this summer opened today and will be open till March 31st. The application can be found here – See attached flyer.   Participating students will take one of two courses (there is a place on the application where you can make note of your preference) Option 1 – COSC 112 – Computer Science I (4 credits) This course is a study of the formal syntax and semantics of a programming language. Topics include expressions, assignments, declarations, control structures, arrays, data abstractions, subprograms, user interfaces, error handling, end of file handling, and string handling. Aspects of Software Engineering include top-down design, structured programming, and style in programming conducted in a block structured language, such as Pascal, C, or C++. Ethical and social issues include information privacy, data reliability, data security, including wiretapping and encryption and ergonomics. This course may be used to satisfy the General Education Requirement in the Technology category. Option 2 – COSC 245 – Cybersecurity Fundamentals (3 credits) The course introduces students to the concepts and technologies in cybersecurity with a focus on cyberinfrastructure and systems, inherent cyber domain vulnerabilities and threats, attacks, risks, and appropriate defensive security procedures. Lab exercises reinforce concepts. The COSC 245-Cybersecurity Fundamentals is taught in partnership with the IBM Skills Academy that is responsible for the content.  At the completion of the course, students take an exam and if they pass, they earn an industry-recognized digital IBM Practitioner Badge. IBM Digital Badges demonstrate proficiency and related technical skills in a particular discipline. The IBM Digital Badge is an extremely valuable credential because the students gain instant recognition by organizations across industries and around the world. Students with the IBM badge will gain access to IBM Talent Match, directly connecting IBM customers and Business Partners interested in hiring interns, co-op students, and full-time employees with verified skills. Internship: Students will participate in a Research Lab run by Faculty at Bowie State University. Potential research labs include: 1.     Autonomous Technologies Lab (Dr. Josyula): The lab is equipped with tools for designing and developing algorithms and technologies geared towards improving the ability of secure software systems and hardware components to perform autonomously in real-time environments. 2.     Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Lab (Dr. Sharma)The lab supported virtual reality and augmented reality research. It is equipped with VR/AR technology in emergency response, evacuation simulation, way-finding, battlefield simulation, multi-user virtual environment, instructional modules, mobile augmented reality application, and evacuation drills. Note – If you are in a Computer Science CTE pathway and receive a C or higher in all your Computer Science courses and enroll at Bowie State University you will receive credit for COSC 112 through the articulation agreement DCPS has in place with Bowie State University. You will not be able to receive credit twice for COSC 112 so if you think you are going to be in this situation we recommend that you put the Cybersecurity Course down as a preference.

Dates of Opportunity: Monday – Friday from June 27th to August 5th

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Application Due By: 03/31/2022