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Genysys Works Guest Speaker for IT and Engineering Academies02/28/202411:50 AM02/28/202412:40 PM
Engineering Fieldtrip to NASA-Goddard02/29/202409:00 AM02/29/202403:30 PM
AU Game Design Lab IT Field Trip03/01/202409:00 AM03/01/202403:30 PM
CRI Interviews Sent Out03/06/202403/06/2024
Jackson-Reed Biomed Academy Quality Review for NAF Distinguished Academy level03/06/202405:00 PM03/06/202405:30 PM
Summer Youth Employment Application Deadline03/06/202403/06/2024
Jackson-Reed IT Academy Quality Review for NAF Distinguished Academy level03/07/202405:00 PM03/07/202405:30 PM
Oyster Adams Recruitment Fair03/08/202411:00 AM03/08/202401:00 PM
Virtual Veterinary Medicine Careers Exploration03/09/202410:00 AM03/09/202412:00 PM
CRI Interviews at OSSE03/11/202409:00 AM03/12/202405:00 PM
Junior SAT Day03/13/202409:00 AM03/13/202403:30 PM
CRI Interview Days03/14/202409:00 AM03/15/202405:00 PM
Engineering Lunch n' Learn Guest Speaker: Architect03/19/202411:50 AM03/19/202412:45 PM
Inova Blood Drive03/21/202409:00 AM03/21/202403:30 PM
Hackathon at AAMC04/03/202409:00 AM04/03/202403:30 PM
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