Weekly Update 3/3

Jackson-Reed STEM Students, Parents and Teachers,

Here's what is happening this week at Jackson-Reed:


Academy-Wide Initiatives

Academy student leadership applications
We are planning to launch the student leadership applications for next school year in early April. Be on the lookout for further information in the coming weeks' newsletters.
Inova Blood Drive
Our second blood drive of the year is scheduled for March 21! So exciting! If you are a student, staff, or family member who is interested in donating, please sign up here and you will hear back from Safya Biswal, one of our student coordinators, who will follow up with next steps! Please sign up before March 20th. (Restrictions to donating are noted on the form)  https://forms.office.com/r/BqxmYGNDtD
Freshman Academy Recruitment!
9th Grade Advisory Recruitment will take place on April 11 and 12. Sign-ups for this opportunity will open in March.
Vertical Course Alignment Presentations
In April (exact dates TBD) we are going to try a new initiative of having our upper-level courses in each academy come into the first and second-level courses to talk about the courses to come. We receive a lot of feedback from students letting us know that they wish they new more about the next level course(s) in their academy course sequences to better understand what lies ahead! So, upper-classmen who want to support with this initiative, be on the lookout for sign-ups opening up in March so we can be prepared for April.
Reminder: How are student work-based learning requirements tracked? 
All students in STEM academies have a NAFtrack account that is updated after each guest speaker/fieldtrip/professional development experience. For students to check in and make sure their account is updated and accurate, they need to log on to:
naftrack: https://students.naftrack.org/ (also found on the Clever portal)
-If they have never logged onto their account before, they should click on 'Register' to get access to their account
-If students have any issues, logging in or if they see any discrepancies, just reach out to Ms. McClure via Remind who can help troubleshoot and update.
Reminder: If you missed a newsletter
Please check out our website: scimatech.org that has the opportunities posted there. In our effort to keep our newsletter as compact as possible, we move most opportunities to the website the week after they are mentioned in the newsletter. Lots of good content/opportunities to review over there.
Upcoming Opportunities and Scholarships 
On Ramps to Careers Summer Opportunity
For students in Engineering and IT who are looking for a summer internship opportunity but didn't quality for, or missed the boat on CRI, you can still apply for the On Ramps to Career opportunity which offers internships with a variety of employers. Their priority placements go to juniors and seniors. More information here: https://www.onrampstocareers.org/  **Please note that students who are not doing CRI will be paid via SYEP and must complete that application. Please see below.
Geneysis Works Internship
This opportunity is for current juniors in the IT and Engineering Academy. It is a CRI internship option as well, but juniors who are not in the CRI process can still take advantage of this awesome opportunity and get paid through the Summer Youth Employment Program (see more on that application below). For IT juniors, this opportunity could potentially be your host employer for your school-year AIP internship as well. Engineering juniors, that opportunity is not finalized for engineers, please see Ms. McClure for more clarity on that. More information on this amazing program is here: For Students - Genesys Works . Also, check out the Student Application Link: This is the link to the application, which will take students between 10-15 minutes. Every student that completes the application will move on to the interview round in April.
Marion Berry Summer Youth Employment Program

https://summerjobs.dc.gov/ This is a great summer option for students who may have missed out on Career Ready Internship Deadlines. The deadline is March 6th. It is a great back-up in case students don't get selected for a CRI internship and this is also a great summer opportunity for current freshmen, sophomores, and seniors. *Please note that SYEP is a way for getting paid for On Ramps to Careers and Geneysis Works opportunities. Don't miss out!

New Opportunities

Biomed/Engineering/Information Technology:

Next Tuesday, March 12th, Girls Who Code is hosting a data scientist from the US Department of International Development! Stop by to get snacks, learn about her day-to-day job, how she got there, and more! This activity fulfills one of the academy work based learning requirements and will be lots of fun!  Room 410! If interested, fill out this form: https://forms.office.com/r/7iY1urpn8J



Academy Certifications

Friendly reminder that for our biomed and engineering academies that academy certifications are a requirement for academy graduation.  At this time, OSHA certification links have been given to all engineering academy juniors and seniors and First Aid/CPR/AED links have been sent to all biomed juniors and seniors. Both sets of modules are due at the end of March.


More Upcoming Programs

  • March 4: CRI Interview Lottery List results sent out
  • March 5,6,7: CRI Interns Mock Interview workshop (sign-up link sent via Remind last week)
  • March 6: Jackson-Reed Biomed Academy Quality Review for NAF Distinguished Academy level
  • March 6: Summer Youth Employment Application Deadline
  • March 7: Jackson-Reed IT Academy Quality Review for NAF Distinguished Academy level
  • March 8: Oyster Adams Recruitment Fair (sign-ups now closed)
  • March 11, 12: In-person CRI interviews at OSSE, 4:00-7:00 pm (students responsible for their own transportation to this event)
  • March 13: Junior SAT Day
  • March 14-15: CRI Interview Days
  • March 19: Engineering Lunch n' Learn Guest Speaker: Architect
  • March 21: Inova Blood Drive
  • April 3: Hackathon at AAMC—mandatory for CSP and CSA IT students-permission slips will be distributed this week


Career Ready Internship Information

Next Steps
Students who are eligible for the summer Career-Ready Internships, be on the lookout for an e-mail from Ms. McClure coming today with all of the latest information regarding next steps.
Calling all parent volunteers!! 
For our three-day interview workshop we are requesting parent/community support to help facilitate small-group mock interview preparation and practice.  Please review this landing page: CRI Interview Workshop – NAF Academies (scimatech.org) for all the information and sign up! Ms. McClure will follow up with sending calendar invites as well as inviting you to a virtual prep meeting in advance of the workshop to make sure the Run of Show and responsibilities are clear!


Expanding Opportunities for Family Academy Involvement
As the structure of our STEM academies continues to evolve we are excited to create new, and formalize existing, opportunities for student leadership and parent involvement. In the 2019-2020 school year, beloved academy teacher Ms. Benjamin convened an ad-hoc advisory board of students and a few volunteer parents with the goal of formalizing industry partnerships and other opportunities/supports for the then Wilson STEM academies. In subsequent years, as the NAF academy model was rolled out, the role of the voluntary advisory began to evolve. In the 2022-2023 school year, an effort was made to begin formalizing student leadership opportunities and the structure of the advisory board. The current working board meets bi-weekly to share information and partner on upcoming events or initiatives (Annual Blood Drive, Engineering Expo, workshops, etc.) This year, we are excited to expand on this work and formalize opportunities for student leadership and parent involvement.
Opportunities for Student Leadership
The three J-R STEM academies present many opportunities for student involvement and leadership. Students have worked together to identify traditional and non-traditional roles where a student leader can contribute to improving the academy structure and culture. We are excited to expand student leadership opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year. In the spring, students will be invited to apply for a range of academy leadership positions. We hope many of you take the initiative and apply for a leadership position.
Opportunities for Parent Support
There are also many opportunities for parents to support our academies! The Engineering Expo, mock interview workshops, resume workshops, and other future opportunities are great ways that parents can get involved. We are also in the process of formalizing parent involvement on the advisory board for the 2024-2025 school year. Expect more information on how to apply to participate on the advisory in the spring. We would appreciate your partnership, perspective, skills, and willingness to roll up your sleeves and help with academy needs!
Current Board Members:
Director: Regina McClure
Teachers: Zachary Meyers, Romit Ghosh, Poonam Sharma, Alex Jacoby, Dylan Coster, Alex Kang, Qi Guo, Danielle Krafft, Amanda Dezenzo
IT President: Wesley Hoy, IT Vice President: Hernan Gonzalez
Engineering President: Samantha Gordon, Engineering Vice President: Meredith Janssen
Health Science President: Kinzly Gootman, Health Science Vice President: Rain Terrell
Equity Officers: Keira Martin-Willis, Simone Forbes, Anna Khabiyev, Jessica Serrano
Secretary: Lolera Tesema
Parents: Melody Molinoff, Elizabeth Mettler


The Week in Review!


To see all the highlights from our academies this week check out the academies' Instagram pages:
Biomed: @jrbiomed
IT: @jacksonreedinfotech
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How can you support the academies?
Do you have other ideas for fieldtrip experiences for our Biomed, Engineering, and IT students? We know that our academy families are well-connected to amazing opportunities in the DMV area. If you have a connection or idea for a fieldtrip related to the world of health sciences, engineering or IT, we would love to hear form you! go to https://scimatech.org/connect/ and just click the box that says 'Lead a tour/host a fieldtrip within your field.'


Academy Expectations/Requirements for Academy Graduation
Please refer to this link on our website to review the expectations: