WilsonHacks Individual Club Information

Meeting Dates & Locations (all meetings start at 3:45) 

·         Girls Who Code: Mondays in 407 

·         General: First Tuesday of the month in 413 

·         Hackathon Hosting: Tuesdays in 413 

·         Programming Club: Wednesdays in B101 (Engineering) 

·         CS Honors Society: Thursdays in 407 

·         Competition Team: Fridays in 412 


More Info on the activities 

Programming Club (Wednesdays, B101)

A collaborative space where people interested in creating projects and improving their programming skills can work together to create unique and interesting applications.  Very newbie-friendly. 

Student Lead: Maxwell Stone (maxwell.s.school@gmail.com)


Competition Team (Fridays, 412)

A team of students interested in competing in different computer science competitions including hackathons and other competitions like picoCTF, a cybersecurity challenge. You can contact Maxwell Stone (2025944054) or join the discord channel at https://discord.gg/aDhb7aS if you are interested. 

Student Leads: Maxwell Stone (maxwell.s.school@gmail.com) and Sammy Taubman (staubman1@gmail.com) 


Hackathon Hosting (Tuesdays, 413)

Work together to plan and host at least one awesome hackathon for students in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  We have done this annually since the fall of 2018 and it’s growing each year! 

Student Leads: Ashley Redhead (ashredhead52@gmail.com) and Damian Arzakel (dsosiala0@gmail.com)


CS Honors Society (Thursdays, 407)

The CS Honor Society is a composed of interested Computer Science students who want to both contribute to their community with their skills as well as surround themselves with likeminded peers. 

Student Leads: Maria House (housemaria04@gmail.com) and Ashley Redhead (ashredhead52@gmail.com) 


Girls Who Code (Mondays, 407)

Not officially part of WilsonHacks, but we encourage all interested girls to contact Ms. Milikin or Maria House to take part in Wilson’s Girls Who Code club. 

Boys’ Auxiliary: (Coming soon) Others who want to find ways to address issues with inclusion in Computer Science are welcome to join the Boy’s Auxiliary of Girls Who Code to discuss these issues and more.